Take your Numbers
to the Next Level.

Random numbers stored on chain are a noble beginning. Understanding the meaning of life through higher mathematics using those random numbers is the next evolution

Having Number Problems?


Numbers are an essential part of life, however, many top philosophers argue that they don’t even exist as numbers are just abstract objects.  

You may find it hard to believe that you have purchased digital manifestation of an abstract object but it is that very nature that makes them so valuable.

The truth is that numbers do not exist in the physical world and may only exist outside of space and time.  

How math can help:

Math for Numbers creates the necessary building blocks to use random numbers for a higher purpose by taking them out of the abstract and putting them to work.  

You may use Math for Numbers in any way you want. Combine them with your random numbers to make your abstract digital assets more expressive and possibly alter their original meaning.

Basic Math.

Math for Numbers is now offering Basic Math including digital math assets such as:


Get numbers interacting

Arithmetic operations are an essential part of number theory and one of the major building blocks of modern mathematics. They include basic operators such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but also more complex concepts like exponentiation and logarithms.


Cleaner math expression

Constants are key and unambiguous fixed values that are interesting in some way. They are used throughout all of mathematics and can come in many forms such as: natural numbers, whole numbers, real numbers, integer or even decimal values.

Math Variables

Allow values & complex structures

Math variables represent an entity whose value isn't fixed and changes as per the change in its usage. These can be used as a placeholder to solve computations or to set values for use in more complex mathematic sequences.


The heart of conditional logic

Comparisons allow for a boolean evaluation of simple numbers or complex expressions. They allow for explicit comparisons and return true or false result.

Math Helpers & Functions

To pull it all together

Helpers & Functions are other ways to work with numbers and math expressions. In most cases calling Helpers & Functions will transform inputs into some type of more meaningful output.

Symbols of Significance

Bring greater math meaning

Mathematics are full of symbols that represent objects, actions of objects, relationships or math structure. All are important but others are truly significant. These are the best of the best of mathematics.


Building a better world together

We are actively seeking to collaborate with mathematic foundations like those below to find symbiotic relationships between numbers and mathematics. We at Math for Numbers are extremely proud to further mathematics education and look forward to partnering with the absolute best of the best. Our hope is that we will be able to show that numbers and math can help build a better world together.


Join us today as part of the math community

Whether you choose to participate in the minting process or not… feel free to become part of the Math for Numbers community.